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Born in Italy in a mid-november pale sunny day in the second half of the past century. Sounds long long time ago, isn't it? Well may be! But even if I saw many years going, the time has strengthen the spirit and educated the will.

My career started a long time ago and it was tough and difficult. My area of expertise is in Management and Business Organization. I was still studying Aeronautic Engineering when I was first hired as a consultant. At that time it was to pay the school. Today I have more than thirty years of experience on my shoulders, I work in a carbon fiber manufacturing corporation and I am professionally occupied in a number of projects, with the position of Vice President Business Development.

I want to mention Albert Einstein, who said "The moment you change the way you look at things, things you are looking at change." Nothing truer than that. That is quantum physics, not philosophy. On that path, I never stop looking aroung with curiosity, and with no fear to change the way to look at things. In a continuously changing world I try to focus my interests, to improve my professionalism, to make a step beyond my limit.

This is what I want to share with you.

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